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Sizing Guide & Tips

How to I ensure that I'm picking the right size for my dog?

The ideal fit on our buckle collars is to have the buckle sitting in one of the middle holes. This will give enough room for changes to your dog's weight and coat as the seasons change. Please also keep in mind how tight or how loose you prefer your dog to wear their collar, because that will play a part in choosing the right size! 

To measure your dog's neck:

Use a soft measuring tape. If you don't have a soft measuring tape at home, you can use a string, shoelace or something that is easily flexible. Measure around your dog's neck where the collar usually sits. You want to get a snug measurement, and then add 0.5" to 1". If you prefer your dog's collar to be more on the loose side, then add 1.5" to 2". 

To measure your dog's current buckle collar:

Measure from the middle of the buckle to the hole that your dog's collar sits on.

To measure your dog's side release buckle collar:

Measure from one of the buckle ends to the end of the fabric.