Traffic Handle Add-on
Traffic Handle Add-on
Traffic Handle Add-on

Traffic Handle Add-on

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This listing is for an adjustable traffic handle add on for any leash.

These traffic handles are designed so you can make them the perfect length for your dog!

When the handle isn't being held, the traffic handle will sit flat, giving it more of a "hidden" look - and then you approach a busy city street, another dog or just need to keep your dog close, the leash slides through the O-ring and stops at the tab to the size you set it to.

This add on can be added to:

  • Standard Leash
  • Walk Set
  • Long Lead
  • Multi-Lead

If you want your leash to be all the same colour, please select the same colour as the product you're adding on to. If you want the traffic handle to be an "accent" colour, select a colour different than your product.